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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Building Domino Walls With Our Granddaughter

Aloha Everyone,
Our granddaughter's current interest is building domino walls. It is an activity which I am able to participate. She began by sharing with me a video of the wall which she made for her mother. With a gentle touch of her index finger, domino blocks fell evenly and perfectly.

She has approximately 150 pieces. To build a wall, you begin by making a row of dominoes on the short side. Expert's advice is to measure the gap using another domino's length. The two of us rely on eye measure. Our short term goal is to see who can complete a design quickly while keeping them all standing.
We try to be creative. Using our boundless and wild imagination, a straight line with a little curve at the end may look like a Viking ship hauling away treasures from their raid in England.

Domino blocks toppling over occurs often and mostly at an inappropriate time when you are about to place a final block to complete a design.  

The longest domino wall, was made of 43,174 dominoes and it took 22 people to construct. Its length was 43,898 yards. This was achieved by a team in Austria in March 2016.
Building domino walls is a fun shared activity. It also teach us about life lessons such as focus, patience, endurance, being ready for the unexpected, things are always changing, learning to embrace impermanence and letting go.

Aloha -- Cathi