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Saturday, July 8, 2017

California Heatwave Causing Havoc

Aloha Everyone,

Weather newscasters report that thousands of cattle have died in California as a heat wave continues to bake the state. Not just the shortage of meat and milk production, but the sanitary disposal of the animals is causing problems.  

Torrance Farmers Market is where my Mother likes to drop by to purchase fresh fruits, veggies and flowers. This morning, J.J. and I accompanied her to look for our favorite vendor who produces and sells several varieties of olives and humus. Today some of the regular vendors had a limited selection of produce citing the current heatwave as the reason.

Fortunately, the location of my Mothers home close to the ocean means temperate weather year around. Today's high was 79 and a low of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Colorful flowers in her garden are blooming attracting humming birds and cardinals.

Aloha -- Cathi