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Friday, July 7, 2017

From Baby Boomers to Grandparent Boomers

Aloha Everyone,

We baby boomers are retiring each year in record numbers. In our youth, we had a major impact on education, music, fashion, housing, cars, and lifestyle.

Now baby boomers are having a major impact on social security, healthcare and retirement.  

J.J. and I noticed even compared to 3 years ago when we first retired and commenced our RV adventure in Honu, we see more retirees on the road. Though few are full timers, many are trying out a part time RV lifestyle. This has affected us in the cost and space availability at RV parks. Our original budget had to be increased by 30 - 40% at least for the summer vacation season.

Today, a record 70 million Americans have grandchildren. J.J. and I are very close and love our sons dearly, but the joy of spending time with our granddaughter is indescribable. As one of our friends stated, "When you are raising your children, there are parental responsibilities. But with grandchildren, your only goal is give LOVE!"

Aloha -- Cathi