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Friday, July 21, 2017

Honu is in a Repair Shop

Aloha Everyone,

Sunrise RV Repair located in the city of Hawthorne is where we chose to have Honu's repairs done. J.J. and I prepared a list of items to be attended to starting with 3 items on our priority list and about 10 on our secondary list.

Sunrise RV Repair had excellent online reviews. Satisfied customers stated Ralph, the owner, is "honest, very helpful, knowledgeable, great customer service at a great price."

It is a small mom and pop operation. We saw numerous motor homes crammed in a small lot where at least 3 mechanics in overall were busy attending to vehicles. It is very different from spotless Mercedes Benz shops where regular oil change cost $200 to $450. We are hopeful that in Ralph we found Honu's regular maintenance man.

There are two signs on Ralph's cluttered office entry door that gives insight to how Ralph runs his business: 

"For those who need to haggle, we will gladly raise the price so we can give you discount."

"Prices are subject to change according to customers' attitude."

Aloha -- Cathi