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Friday, November 10, 2017

A Walk Around the Wall

Aloha Everyone,

I can sit on a bench and watch the Wall of Ávila and never get tired of it. Different times of the day, weather and season can make it appear medieval, impregnable, looming or approachable, hospitable and welcoming.

Our activity for today was to walk around the Wall of Ávila to get a closer look. It is easy to imagine attacking forces being discouraged to scale the wall. Stones were quarried from the site and sections of the walls appeared as if the walls emerged from the land.

Today being Friday, there were more tour groups walking around the walled city, making the place very congested. 

The Forum on Friday has a farmers market. One vendor, with large tubs of different kinds of olives and cheese, must be known for the quality of his produce as well as reasonable prices. While other vendors with similar products may have two or three customers, he had at least 20 plus people waiting in line.  

One must be extremely good at parallel parking. The space allocated for each car is limited. For $1.2, one can park for 8.5 hours around the wall. That is if you are lucky to find a space. Our leisurely walk took us about 45 minutes covering the same distance that I walked on the wall yesterday.

I now have great photo images for my future sketches and paintings. Avila is so picturesque.

Aloha -- Cathi