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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Final Day In Córdoba

Aloha Everyone,

Our normal breakfast order is 2 cups of café con leche (coffee with milk) and 2 croissants. The clean, spacious restaurant that can accommodate 80-90 patrons, including the outdoor seating area, is located just a few steps from our apartment building. This morning, J.J. decided to try something new. A piece of toasted bread served with small containers of diced ham, olive oil and puréed guava. It was certainly different. I ate 1/2 toast dipped in olive oil and guava. J.J., on the other hand enjoyed his sumptuous desayuno (breakfast) :-)

Our main planned activity for today was to get our laundry done and to purchase additional minutes for our Spanish phone. At Zoco Córdoba, a large shopping mall located in the central commercial district, we were successful in accomplishing both.

Martin and Inma opened the self-service laundry last September. Martin’s regular job is a researcher at the University of Córdoba on “Quality of Administrative Process.” Kind and helpful, Martin offered his assistance when he saw us trying to figure what’s suitable timing for the dryer. When we thanked him and commented on his excellent English, he looked shy and said, if his wife Inma, an English teacher, had heard our comment, she would not agree.

After renewing our phone contract, I was able to speak with my Mother who sounded very well. She told me that I just caught her after returning from an early morning walk.

Our stay in Córdoba was more low key allowing us to enjoy the daily lives of Cordobans. From J.J.’s sister, the two of us learned that Córdoba was the home town of their Great-Grandmother! What better way to conclude this chapter of our Spanish travel than to share with you some of the amazing meals we enjoyed.

Aloha -- Cathi