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Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Walls of Ávila

Aloha Everyone,

The Wall of Ávila is impressive and it is the main attraction of the city. Completed between the 11th and 14th centuries, the walls are the most well preserved in Spain.  

We paid €7 climbing privilege for the two of us (inclusive of €3 senior discount). With a pre-programmed audio guide in hand, J.J. and I climbed up the stairs. The perimeter of the city wall is approximately 2,752 yards. There are 88 semicircular towers and at least 20 of them were accessible.  

The wall’s average height is 40 feet. Visitors are permitted to access one segment which is about .37 mile and the second segment whose access is through the Visitor Information Center was less than a mile. The morning air was crisp and windy and at time it was challenging to climb up and down the narrow and steep stone stairs. But I LOVE IT!!!

Of the 9 gates, Puerta del Alcazar (Gate of the Fortress) is my favorite. (Photo taken last night).

J.J. and I then took a taxi to Cuatro Postes, the sight designated as the best place to take panoramic photos. Our taxi driver informed us that this is where you come after dark to enjoy the wall all lit by spot lights. The two of us have seen photos and it looks magical. But with temperature dipping below freezing, we were satisfied seeing it during daylight hours.

Aloha -- Cathi