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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Holiday Week in Spain

Aloha Everyone,
More than 19 out of every 20 Spaniards are baptized Catholics. Today, Todos Los Santos (All Saints Day) is a public holiday in Spain. Sandwiched between Halloween (OCT 31) and All Souls Day (NOV 2), domestic tourists including many school-aged children were enjoying another clear, sunny day.
Córdoba has the highest summer temperatures in Spain as well as in Europe. Since our arrival last Friday, we have been enjoying sunny, clear weather in the mid-80’s.
I am glad that I did not pack a dress or a skirt. It seems that there is no dress code in 2017 Spain. Men and women, young and old, wear casual tops and tight pants. Even to access a church, such attire is permissible. 

J.J.’s late father would have been shocked. He was a proper Spanish gentleman and would have sported a coat and tie for restaurant dining. As a child in Spain, J.J. had to wear a jacket in public. His sisters wore ankle length dresses and blouses covering their elbows. We did see well-dressed groups attending a church wedding.

Córdoba, as well as other cities we have visited, is a pedestrian friendly place. Pedestrians are accorded priority in crossing streets as most drivers stop graciously even though there is no crosswalk.

Most Spaniards in cities live in high rises. Even for the very wealthy, their personal rubbish must be taken to a public rubbish bin. Color coded and with graphic description, one is required to presort garbage separating glass and metal, plastic bottles, cardboards and organic trash.

Aloha -- Cathi