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Monday, November 6, 2017

Self Mis-Guided Walking Tour

Aloha Everyone,

Most museums in Spain are closed on Mondays. J.J. and I decided to do our own walking tour. Our destinations were the Plaza de España and Parque de Maria Luisa (Maria Luisa Gardens).

The two of us love cities where we can easily use city transportations. In Sevilla, we learned to take Bus #21 that runs a circular route. One thing I’d like to point out is how the bus driver is protected from the riding public. He or she sits within an enclosed area and only their hand, if any, can come in contact with passengers.

The fare is €1.40 per person each way. We get off at the Plaza de Toros then walk to the Old Town, follow the map and walked to Plaza de España. The Parque de Maria Luisa is located in the same neighborhood. It should be easy especially with J.J. guiding the way. He rarely gets lost when driving. Right? Wrong! We walked and walked on seemingly repetitious route asking direction not just once but four times. Today was another beautiful day. I was happy taking photos checking on how many miles the two of us were walking. For some reason, J.J. and I were under the impression that we would find many restaurants near the Plaza de España like Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Plaza de España is huge, but it was in a park and empty. No vendors, no restaurants, no benches. The place was stark, dignified and very officious. This is where some of the government offices are located. There was a museum, but it is closed on Mondays.

J.J. and I found a lovely restaurant with its exterior having an appearance of an art museum. 2:00 pm lunch was a welcome break after we were on our feet for 4 hours. J.J. enjoyed his Suckling Pig and I loved my Buffalo Mozarella with 9 different kinds of tomatoes.

Satisfied with our day’s activities, we walked back to Plaza de Toros for our bus ride back to the hotel.

Aloha -- Cathi