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Friday, February 2, 2018

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

Aloha Everyone,
Cabot Yerxa was a traveler and visionary who lived an incredible life. Cabot pursued his dream by going to Alaska, Cuba and Desert Hot Spring in California. The Cabot homestead is 160 acres.
In his late 50’s Cabot began his Hopi-inspired pueblo against a hillside. Using discarded materials scattered in the desert, he gave them new purpose, new life. One can imagine his dedication, countless hours, days, and years of hard work. Life in the desert can be very harsh and lonely. I can’t help but wonder what went in his mind especially during the early years of this massive undertaking.

His Pueblo is loosely connected from one room to the next. Each room, each doors and windows are in different sizes and shapes dictated by the materials found. For example, the length of a salvaged telephone poles gave measurements to a room Cabot built.

The end result is a 5,000 square feet Pueblo with 35 rooms, 159 windows and 65 doors. The structure has character and while no serious architect would agree, it has a unified look. I found the pueblo charming and beautiful.

Cabot wanted to be remembered as an adventurer, artist and humanitarian. I would add “sentimentalist” to the list.
David and Cindy were also visiting the museum. The outgoing couple are originally from Iowa but they retired in Vancouver, WA.
Aloha -- Cathi