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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

León, Authentic Mexican City

Aloha Everyone,

Our first impression of León is that this is not a tourist destination. To confirm that point, our boutique hotel evening and daytime staffs barely communicate in English. Thank goodness for the WiFi and our ability to translate required sentences from English to Spanish.  

Our breakfast, included in the hotel room charge, was served on the 3rd floor, with skyline views of the surrounding cathedral, churches and historical government buildings. Chef Corason took our individual orders and prepared a large Mexican breakfast for us. We were the sole diners.

Trying to find our way around the city, the two of us looked for the tourist office. When we asked, “¿Donde está la oficina de tourismo?” People tried to help, but it was obvious that they had no clue. After 3 inquiries and with many willing but unknowing citizens, we finally found the place. It occupies a small corner of a government office where people were in long lines to make payments. J.J. surmised that they were paying their taxes.

The two persons assisting visitors at the tourist office don’t speak English!

Tomorrow, J.J. and I hope to take a bus tour of León to get a better orientation of the city, history and places of interest. It should help us organize blogs about this charming Mexican city.

Aloha -- Cathi