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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday in San Miguel

Aloha Everyone,

Church bells in San Miguel, except Parroquia, are rang manually. It is a great honor to be asked to ring bells. According to local experts on churches, there are nearly 300 places of worship. But I have not been able to ascertain how many of them have bell towers. Beginning at 6:30 this morning, J.J. and I heard bells calling the faithful to Sunday services.

The sound of multiple bells with high and low chimes reverberating through the narrow streets of Centro is definitely uplifting and yes, it has a magical quality!

My eyes caught a congenial couple who sat across the walking path in Jardin. They were enthusiastically munching on what it looked like a thin cracker. They have consistent circular holes — a cheese? Not being able to contain my curiosity, I introduced myself and asked what it was that they were eating.

Gabriela and Edoardo were eating “Recortes”. They are leftover sheets from the production of communion wafer. After giving me a sample, they pointed where we can purchase them — in front of the Parroquia from a nun. We paid MX$20 or US$1.12 for a package. J.J. who was raised as a Catholic was amused.

Doors, enormous doors, there are so many impressive doors along the streets the two of us walk in Centro. Some are artistic, colorful and beautifully maintained, others are old and decaying but all are individualistic and worth a second look. One can never tell what lies behind these formidable doors. During the colonial days, the main door facing the street had two purposes: One for protection, to keep unwanted visitors out; and two, to display the rank and prestige of its resident.

Aloha -- Cathi