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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Central Histórico (Downtown)

Aloha Everyone,

For visitors, it seems that life is pleasant in León. Children are well dressed and fussed about by their parents and grand parents. There are numerous trendy shops. Senior citizens occupy well-maintained park benches to socialize.

Central Histórico area includes elegant buildings and churches. Old-fashion shoe shine chairs are located around the spacious plaza. Street cleaners are busy sweeping the streets. There is no litter on the streets.

J.J. and I walked into a beauty/barber shop to ask if we can get a hair cut. The proprietress immediately assigned Alejandro to work on J.J. Assandra who cut my hair and straightened the bangs I had earlier trimmed, worked intently turning my head from left to right and checking to see both sides were even. I held my posture fearing that she will continue to shorten my hair.  It took approximately 45 minutes for our haircuts. The price was 150 pesos but we added generous tips and gave 220 peso or a grand total of US$12.23 :-).

There were hair styling schools on three streets down where haircut was being advertised as $2.72.  

Aloha -- Cathi