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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wonderful Encounters in Guanajuato

Aloha Everyone,

It’s always the people more than places that make our sojourn special and memorable. J.J. and I were visiting the Teatro Juarez when a gentleman offered to take our photos. In turn, I took theirs. Ramiro and his wife, Malena, are from San Miguel Allende. A retired abogado (lawyer), Ramiro was engaging and interesting. Almost immediately Ramiro and I felt a mutual connection. We shared several interests including the practice in energy healing. The four of us parted company by exchanging names, emails and phone numbers. We will try to get together when we visit San Miguel de Allende next week.

Genesis has an exuberant personality and kind demeanor. Originally from San Jose, California, she is studying The Teaching of English as a 2nd Language at the University of Guanajuato. She had made friends, found a part-time job at Bohemian Restaurant located in Union Square. Genesis loves the more relaxing pace of life in Guanajuato. Here people are genuinely interested in others, it is peaceful and they have time to enjoy life. After her studies are completed, she would consider staying. An insightful and profound outlook from a young woman. J.J. and I wished her the best.

Las Callejonesdas (Alley Performers) is an unusual tourist attraction. J.J. and I joined about 35 participants who paid 100 MXN each (US $5.56) to follow a dozen or so singers/performers. Some are university students, but most are doing this as part time as they looked to be in their late 40’s.

All wore traditional costumes of the 17th Century. We walked up and down narrow alleys less travelled by casual tourists. J.J. and I joined the merriment of dancing and singing. If you know J.J., he does not usually dance or sing — especially in public! The highlight of this walking entertainment was be presented with a bouquet of roses by one’s love! The two of us also walked through Callejón del Beso (The Alley of the Kiss). It is the local version of Romeo and Juliet about two lovers who would kiss because the balconies were so close in the narrow alley. Then tragedy struck when the girl’s father discovers them.

It was a happy, joyful evening. Did I mentioned that it was also romantic?

Aloha -- Cathi