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Monday, February 12, 2018

From León to Guanajuato

Aloha Everyone,

Some days our Spanish conversation flows effortless. Other days it’s a struggle. For example, this morning with our Uber driver to the Central Bus Station, he kept on talking with his heavy guttural accent which we found difficult to comprehend. J.J. and I got the gist of what he was saying. I told J.J. that the situation reminded me of politicians. Our driver asked us questions and we gave him prepared canned response which may have had a very little to do with what he wanted to know. Perhaps our driver was getting concerned. Showing the Uber app to us on his mobile phone, he told us that the amount must be paid in cash. J.J. immediately agreed but told me, “You think he is worried, what about me?”

Bumpy ride and freezing temperature due to AC in the bus was not conducive to J.J. Perhaps having muesli with fresh milk breakfast might have also affected his stomach. Poor J.J. He has been feeling queasy. We decided to have an inactive day. After a siesta, the two of us walked a short distance to a market and a convenience store to purchase a couple of apples, bottles of water, and saltine crackers.

Tomorrow we plan to walk to the Histórico Centro of Guanajuato and familiarize ourselves with this city surrounded by mountains.

I would like to add three more photos from León. J.J. and I had our shoes shined last night. J.J. selected the man who had the kindest face among the 25 or so shoe shiners scattered around the main park. Fernando took 15 minutes to do each of our shoes and we paid him $3.34 inclusive of 20% tip. That’s for two pairs. Our shoes are shiny. They look brand new!

Miguel’s t-shirts caught my eyes. I asked if I could take his photo. He looked surprised but graciously obliged. He spoke only Spanish so it made me wonder if he knew what it said.

Aloha -- Cathi