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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Data on Port O’Connor

Aloha Everyone,

The people J.J. and I meet in Port O’Connor are friendly and laid back. It seems many of them have relocated to this small fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico by choice. Some, like Jim and Susan, have become full-time residents. Others, like Pam and her husband Ron, are “snowbirds” who spend up to 6 months during the winter months.

Based on the 2010 census, Port O’Connor has a population of 1,253.

Since 2000, Port O’Connor has experienced a population growth of 18.74 percent. 

Port O'Connor Elementary School is from Pre-Kindergarten through grade six. From 7th to 12th grade, children are bused to Port Lavaca.

Port O’Connor has 4.7% unemployment.  In comparison, the US average unemployment rate is 5.20%.

Aloha -- Cathi