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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Shorebird Walk

Aloha Everyone,

Goose Island State Park offers a bird watching program. Every Wednesday is Shorebird Walk. Too excited to sleep in, I was up at 5:00 am and waited for the group’s meetings time at 8:00 am.

Birdwatchers are fun, enthusiastic, knowledgeable group of individuals and I am always grateful to able to join one.  
Led by bird hosts, Larry and Julie of Wyoming, the group included Norm and Liz from Wisconsin, Sandy and Steve from Austin, Texas and me. J.J. graciously bowed out as birding like yoga and meditation are “not his cup of tea”.

I believe that Julie has practically memorized the bird reference book she carries around. Whether by sighting or hearing, she quickly turned pages to ascertain whether or not the group are identifying correct species or subspecies.

Birdwatching is an enjoyable activity. I personally have much to learn before I could qualify to volunteer as a host for a birdwatching group.

Aloha -- Cathi