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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Van Horn, Texas

Aloha Everyone,

Van Horn was the stopping place for travelers on the Old Spanish Trails and the San Antonio-El Paso Overland mail  route. The town was established in 1881 when the Texas and Pacific Railway came through.  

From Las Cruces, New México to Van Horn, Texas, we were on the road for a little over 5 hours. To conserve time, J.J. and I had breakfast, lunch and dinner in Honu which included rest.

Van Horn RV Park is very spacious and a perfect place for me to get my evening walk. Exciting sightseeing of a Roadrunner being chased by rabbits. Unfortunately, the rabbits quickly gave up the chase and lounged around Honu.

Here is a post with weather rock.

Aloha - Cathi