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Monday, April 23, 2018

James A. Michener’s novel, TEXAS

Aloha Everyone,

TEXAS, a novel by James A. Michener was first published in 1985. As in his other factional multigenerational epics, it is a monumental work and requires that you set aside a serious segment of time to read it. There are many interesting and unforgettable events and characters woven into the story that sometime it’s hard to keep track.

In the introductory chapter a discussion takes place as to the reason why Texas is great. It boasts seven different cultural inheritances:

1.  Indians
2.  Spanish-Mexicans
3.  Kentucky-Tennessee settlers, originally from places like New York and Philadelphia 
4.  Latecomers from Old South
5.  The Blacks
6.  The free-wheeling cowboy
7.  Germans, Czechs and other Europeans 

(Ref: Chapter on THE GOVERNOR’S TASK FORCE, pages 11-12)

I must confess that I have not yet read all 1,429 pages of the book.  

A fellow birder I met at Goose Island State Park who introduced himself as “Tony” with Department of Anthropology at University of Texas, Austin, recommended that I read books by J. Frank Dobie to get a real understanding of Texas history. I perused J. Frank Dobie’s writings and listened to his book reading sessions. His folksy approach to writing seem very different from Michener’s literary style. They will give me a deeper understanding and appreciation of one of the great states in our union.

Vicky was setting up her tent across from Honu’s pad. An outgoing and vivacious woman, Vicky earned her graduate degree in Environmental Science from UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio). She is semi-retired and along with her husband, they are “waiting to make the next big move.” We talked about lifestyles and promised to keep in touch.

Aloha -- Cathi