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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Dining In and Out

Aloha Everyone,

We stayed the first 3 nights at the Hotel Novotel Athens, a 4-star business hotel. The breakfast in the hotel’s dining room had a very extensive selection of hot and cold entries including Greek specialties. I tried to vary my food choice to consume healthy foods but also to prepare my plates to be photogenic :-)

Near the National Archaeological Museum, we found a small cafe where flavorful aroma from grilled meats were wafting in the air. A friendly man, who turned out to be the proprietor, invited us in. We learned that he only grills on Saturdays. Not to miss this auspicious opportunity, we sat at a small table and waited for our food. For a stick of grilled meat and a slice of grilled bread, we paid €2 each. Yes, it was a culinary adventure.

Last night, we upped our taste and budget by eating at the restaurant in our hotel. J.J. ordered a plate of assorted grilled meats. I asked for a small Greek salad. They were thoroughly satisfying.

Today for lunch, we had pita wraps. J.J. chose a pork and for me, a vegetarian. So large and filling, and not to offend the gregarious owner, we had them packed to go.

Greeks prepare different kinds of pies that maybe in an usual pie size or individual pastries. The one I love is called Tropita, filled with Feta cheese and an egg mixture in phyllo dough. Very good and for me, they are extremely filling.

Aloha -- Cathi