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Monday, March 9, 2020

Resettled in Athens

Aloha Everyone,

After agreeing to pay for an extra day for canceling the remainder of our 21 days reservations, J.J. and I moved to a hotel belonging to an international chain.

Our new hotel’s location is in Plaka, the old historical neighborhood of Athens on the eastern and northern slopes of the Acropolis. Juxtaposition of the locations between our two previous hotels and this place is day and night. I feel totally safe walking in this clean and upscale neighborhood with trendy shops and numerous cafés and restaurants.  

And yet, we are only paying US$5.00 more per day. This is due to the Coronavirus. Room reservations are being cancelled and the prices have been dropping. One email we received from for their Level 2 members is offering the Grand Hyatt Athens at $120.00 including taxes. Tempting, but now that we are settled in Plaka, we don’t care to repack and move.

By mid afternoon, It stopped raining. We went out to survey our immediate surroundings and reaffirmed that we made the right decision.

J.J. and I are truly happy! We will have ample time to explore Athens before venturing out to the islands. Yes, life is wonderful!

Aloha -- Cathi