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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mitropoleos Square & Athens Flea Market

Aloha Everyone,

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation stood tall, gleaming in the midday sun. Construction began in 1842 and it was completed in 1862. A statue of the Archbishop of Athens during WWII occupies a prominent place directly in front of the cathedral. The statue of Saint Constantin XI, the Ethnomartyr, the last Roman emperor is tucked against the edge of the plaza.

The Cathedral is a favorite venue for weddings and funerals by distinguished Athenian families. It is also used for important ceremonies by national political figures.

Athens Flea Market is in name only. They are actually individual small stores and open everyday with regular business hours. I found a replacement cloth bag that can be worn as a backpack (to carry our Coronavirus kit). The Velcro on my old cap is worn out. The saleswoman helped me go through two stacks of about 30. Not being able to find one with a buckle fastener on the back, she explained that this caps last a long time because they are made of Greek Velcro. How can I resist such a nationalistic sales pitch?

J.J. & I made a reservations for an overnight trip to Meteora a week from today. This would be one of the highlights of our travels in Greece. The two of us are eager to revisit what we remember as a spiritual and divine place.

Aloha -- Cathi