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Sunday, March 15, 2020


Aloha Everyone,

The hop-on hop-off buses are still operating. This morning we purchased tickets to go to the port of Piraeus.  It’s in the region of Attica, within the municipality of Athens. On our previous trip, Piraeus was a sleepy port with two story buildings. This port is now one of the major stops for Mediterranean cruise ships and ferry service to the Greek islands. Our round trip of 7 miles each way took an hour with predetermined stops.

There were about 16 passengers on our bus including the two of us. People are social creatures and we noticed other passengers moving to occupy seats close by us. However, we prefer to practice social distancing during this crisis. J.J. and I transferred a few seats away and eventually moved to the lower level to try to stay a safe distance.

Today’s outing also gave me a chance to do more explorations around the Acropolis while waiting for a connecting bus.

Happiness is finding a specialty food store open for business. One of them is located just adjacent to our hotel. The place looks like an ideal location to have meals, but for now only take away services are available. Today I purchased some fresh fruits.

J.J. noticed that KFC is open although the seating areas are cordoned off. For our special treat, we purchased a small (fits within J.J.’s palm) Baklava at a specialty shop. This is a very rich, sweet pastry made with many layers of Phyllo or Filo. Lots of oil, butter, chopped nuts with honey. It is a fabulous dessert and one of our favorites!

Aloha -- Cathi