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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Keeping Our Mind & Body Active

Aloha Everyone,

Our gratitude to those of you who responded to our email update on how we are coping under the restrictions imposed by the Greek government. So many of your responses illustrate the similarities all of us are facing since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO.

There are several useful sites one can visit to get tips on how to maintain mental health as self-imposed    
quarantines and social distancing could make one feel isolated and lonely.

Here are some things J.J. and I do on a daily basis:

  • Go out on a long walk. Admittedly some communities you live would be far easier to do this than others.
  • Exercise at home.  Search the web and find numerous YouTube exercises one can follow. Our granddaughter will tell you how exhausting it is to do 100 sit-ups.
  • Yoga, tai chi are what I do when you have limited space to do your workout.
  • Meditation, start with 5 minutes at a time and increase as your mind calms down.
  • Watch movies, amazing how many free movies can be found online.
  • Read books, again there are excellent free books online.
  • Work on your passion, whether you love to draw, paint, crafting, cook, bake, sing, play musical instruments, this is the time to do it.
  • Stay in touch with your family and friends. Finding emotional supports at the time of crises help you from feeling Isolated. 
  • Limit your time on following the news. Stock markets spiraling down, a number of new COVID-19 cases, this constant updated could cause depression.

Everything is temporary. Look forward to better days.

Finally, here is one of my favorite site to find interesting and inspiring stories:

Stay safe, stay healthy and wash your hands!

Aloha -- Cathi