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Monday, March 23, 2020

14-Days Self Quarantine

Aloha Everyone,

Honu’s engine responded promptly to J.J.’s ignition start. We are happy being united with Honu. To give us semi independence during our 14-days CDC required self quarantine, we transferred to a hotel residence facility with kitchenette.

We stopped at two supermarkets to purchase fresh produce and non-perishable which should last us for about a week. I must say that shopping today was far different from the one we made prior to our trip to Greece. Ralph’s Supermarket had about 20 people standing close to each other waiting to get inside. We decided to bypass. Smart&Final Supermarket had no line. We walked into the store whose shelves were bare or had notices posted with limitations on how many items customers can purchase. The third supermarket, Nijiya specializes in Japanese food items. There customers lined in orderly fashion giving 6 feet space and we joined the line. Overall, it was a successful shopping trip wearing our face masks and me with gloved hands while J.J. liberally using hand sanitizer.

This facility we are staying provides basic kitchenware as part of the service. WIFi works well and from our 2nd floor room, we have a street view shaded by large trees. While the rules permit outdoor walking exercise, I can also get 12 large steps one way across our room. This will permit me to maintain my daily exercise.

J.J. and I will be fine.

Aloha -- Cathi