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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Staying Busy & Engaged

Aloha Everyone,

The latest casualties to COVID-19 are shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters. Pharmacies and supermarkets as well as takeaway food places are still open.

Our hotel serves a wonderful buffet breakfast. This morning, I had Greek yogurt, dried blueberries, preserved whole walnut, toasted whole grain bread with a cup of Cappuccino. Here it’s easy and pleasurable to adhere to a healthy Mediterranean diet :-)

According to the breakfast room staff, this hotel currently has only 10 guests. The normal hotel occupancy rate in Athens during March is 40% to 60%.

We are very fortunate to be staying in the heart of Athens as there are a number of attractions we could easily reach on foot. This morning we walked by the Academy of Athens and the National Library of Greece. While we cannot access the buildings, in many places the facade and the grounds are also impressive.

J.J. keeps on reminding me that he has exceeded his daily walking quota which he had now upped to 2 miles a day compared to my 6 miles. I make up the differences by walking up and down the stairs of the hotel, circle familiar plazas while J.J. waits for me.  

J.J. has a great instincts when it comes to looking for food. With no restaurants open, he found a Hawaiian Poke place and purchased a Hawaiian rice bowl for his dinner.

Aloha -- Cathi