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Thursday, March 5, 2020

From LAX to Athens, Greece

Aloha Everyone,

Our flight from LAX to Heathrow Airport in London was indicative of the challenging time for travelers. It was interesting and noteworthy that the majority of the passengers on our British Airway flight were prepared. All 30 seats in the Premier Economy section were occupied.

Upon reaching our seats, J.J. and I took out disinfectant wipes to sanitize the seats and anything else we might come in contact. So did our neighbors. One woman even put on a pair of plastic disposable gloves. We looked like an airline cleaning crew. In the toilets, there were containers of disinfectant for passengers. Paranoid? Perhaps, but we all want to safeguard our health as best we can.  

Service on our flight was excellent. Our meals were satisfactory and the large onboard selection of movies kept us up longer than necessary.

London was rainy. As transfer passengers, J.J. and I still had to go through security inspection before looking for our connecting flight gate.

After nearly 20 hours on the road, we arrived in Athens, Greece.

Smooth entry with the immigration officer welcoming us to Greece. It was a 43 minutes ride in a pre-booked hired car to our hotel.

The two of us are extremely fatigued but we are very excited and happy to be back in Greece.

Aloha -- Cathi