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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Aloha Everyone,

We began our day by going out for a walk. JJ, our son and I started out together, but eventually J.J. decided to walk at his own pace while my son and I maintained a faster gait.

The area where we went thus morning has some low embankments on one side of the street. Low growth of bushes are perfect for cottontail rabbits warren. This morning we saw at least 20 of them. Most of them heard us coming and they disappeared quickly out of sight. However, one particularly large rabbit just looked at me until I walked within 3 feet to him. At that time, he merely glanced at me and took a couple of hops to let me pass.

After breakfast,my granddaughter and I practiced juggling. She is a determined little girl and feels that we should be making same amount of progress.

My daughter in-law (though I truly feel that both of our daughter-in-laws are like our own daughters) prepared carrot and apple salad with mint as a side dish to hot dogs and steak dinner for the 4th.

For the copy of this recipe, compliment of Jeanne (a family friend), please go to my yoga blog:

Our 4th of July feast:

After dinner, we settled down to play chess. Our granddaughter loves the game is actually getting quite good at it.

Hope you had as wonderful a 4th of July as we did!

Aloha -- Cathi