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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Natural Bridges National Monument

Aloha Everyone,

Today, J.J. and I decided to go to the Natural Bridges National Monument. From the Nzhoni camping ground, it took us about 80 minutes to reach the Natural Bridges, located about 35 miles from Blanding.

We stopped by the Visitor Center to get map and brochure.

All three Natural Bridges are visible from the road. However, they are at some distances away, and would require us to hike and possibly camp overnight to see them up close. Some of the amazing photos in the brochures were taken from the base of the bridges looking at spectacular sunrise, sunset or evening sky with full of bright stars illuminating the bridges requiring forward planning and a lots of time and patience.

Here is a photo that I took of Sioapu Bridge:

Kachina Bridge

Owachomo Bridge were all taken with a maximum of 12 minutes walk on a designated path.

Melissa and Andrew were traveling on a holiday and their next destination was the Grand Canyon South Rim. Andrew just earned his masters in Mechanical Engineering. Melissa is studying to be a nurse.

They also shared with us experiences about their recent trip to Costa Rica where they enjoyed river rafting. Very promising young people. We wished them well.

In the afternoon, we took highway 191 to 211 to visit The Needles in the Canyonlands.

The approach to Canyonlands was dominated by red rock cliffs, plateaus, mesas and rock formations that evoked images of alien beings.

This charming "tea kettle" name I voluntarily gave was at the junction of 191 and 211.

The Canyonlands is vast and endless. Our destination, The Needles had a camping ground. Unfortunately the only available site did not have any shade. J.J. and I decided to drive back to Moab to now a very familiar Spanish Trail RV Park.

Huge borders that rolled down the cliff lined at the bottom made us wonder when they came down and if they caused any damaged to motorists.

This was the end if the scenic loop at The Needles.

Today, J.J. drove a total of 265 miles. We finished taking hot showers and will be watching an episode of Northern Exposure on DVD.

Aloha -- Cathi