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Sunday, July 27, 2014

To Grand Teton National Park

Aloha Everyone,

From Bear Lake, Utah, we re-entered Idaho passing towns with European names such as Paris, Ovid, Montpelier & Geneva.

Paris Tabernacle erected in 1888.

Just outside of town of Geneva, we encountered cowboys who were moving cattle. It appeared to be a family business. Even young children were riding horses. We counted about 70 cattle. The animals sounded unhappy and were protesting loudly.

At Salt River Pass, we stopped to stretch our legs.

Walter and Geelee from Amsterdam were traveling in the United States for 4 weeks with their two young sons. They were on their way to Yellowstone National Park.

We love Grand Teton  National Park. Remnants of glacier adorn peaks. We would love to return to appreciate their beauty each season.

Lots of outdoor activities including cycling.

Tonight we are staying at Gros Ventre Campground. The location is only 4.5 miles from where I took this photo.

Upon checking-in, we were provided with handouts on bear awareness. There are also posted signs. I am hopeful that this may be the night we will see either Grizzly or Black Bear that are inhabitants of this area.

Frank and Linda also stopped at the Salt River Pass to enjoy the panoramic scenery. From Eureka, CA, they were on their 5 weeks road trip. Their next destination is Yellowstone.

Beautiful Snake River runs along Highway 89 often meandering meadows leaving deltas in its path.

Japanese lunch at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  J.J. ate ramen while I enjoyed tempura udon.

A little tour of downtown Jackson Hole. The arch is made out of elk antlers.

Aloha -- Cathi