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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Return to Nephi, Utah

Aloha Everyone,

Rachel, her husband Joe, and their friend Dave (from right to left) were on their summer vacation. So far, they had traveled to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, and to Moab. They were now preparing to return back to their home in El Paso.

What caught my eyes were a pair of very playful.puppies. Waylane (dark red) and Willie were purchased in Las Cruzes, NM. They were very cute, but looked like a mixed breed. For portraits of Waylane and Willie plus their story, please go to;

After 20 minutes of my juggling practice, J.J. had Honu ready for our trip back to Nephi.

Retracing the route we have taken has a number of advantages.  For example, I anticipated crossing Green River therefore I was able to take a decent photo.

Forty-nine minutes out of Moab on I-70, we were driving a stretch of high desert. Perfect place for me to do 10 minutes of HUD Kriya followed by silent chanting of Ganesh Mantra 108 times. I wanted to send a healing energy to a dear friend who recently lost her mother.


Our lunch break was at the rest stop called "Ghost Rock." I made a nice salad dish for us. I eliminated salami from mine.

There were 3 rocks that could be called "Ghost Rock." I asked a couple of fellow travelers, but they did not know and they did not care.Therefore I took photos of all 3 and hopefully I would be able to identify the correct one before we leave Utah.

Panoramic view of Eagle Canyon

Utah has so many beautiful national and state parks, but the simple, rural scenery as we approached Nephi made me happy.

Signs of "frequent deer crossing" were posted along highway 78 and 28. J.J. reminded me that it's not so ominous as when we saw a sign which read, "deer migration route."

Due to frequent showers along the way, today 's drive was very pleasant.

Back at our favorite RV park in Nephi.

Trevor remembered Honu and welcome us back with his charming smile.

Tonight we plan to dine out at one of two restaurant establishments we spotted in town. We ate at one of the restaurants during our previous stay in town and we are eager to try the second one. When we passed by earlier, there were many cars in their large parking lot. J.J. and I use that as one of several methods to determine a restaurant to see if it's worth a try before we "google" and see what reviews are on-line, if any.

Weather permitting, tomorrow we plan to venture back to a national forest to take photos of more camping grounds. Hope you had a good weekend.

Aloha -- Cathi