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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Making my First Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Aloha Everyone,

Rainbow Loom bracelets are made with small rubber bands which you weave with a plastic crochet hook using a small peg board.

This product was invented in 2011 and became a very popular activity for little girls that are in grade school. By September of 2013, the manufacturer had sold over 1.2 million sets. Last Christmas we gave our granddaughter a Rainbow Loom set with instruction book and extra rubber bands.

There are so many designs available in the instructional book from easy beginning forms to advance designs. Additionally, you can also find some original designs posted by children and adults on YouTube.

The basic, most simple design bracelet is the one I made with help from my granddaughter.

The three more intricate design bracelets were created by my daughter-in-law who also enjoys beading and she previously made me necklaces and bracelets.

Others were the creation of my granddaughter.

It's always wonderful to learn something new and especially when the teacher is your little granddaughter. It is a great pleasure to observe how she explains the steps and her patience when I make inevitable mistakes as a beginner.

Aloha -- Cathi