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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Willow Lake and Ferron

Aloha Everyone,

Here was our pad at Joe's Valley Camping Ground:

This is where I practiced juggling for 15 minutes this morning.

After completing taking photos of the remainder of the 4 camping ground sites, we were ready to go down the mountain. Today's drive tested our patience. For one things, back country roads are not well marked. Some of the maps we have are over 15 years old and unfortunately our trusted Apple iPhone SIRI would not work because we had no service. J.J. has an excellent sense of direction. For example, even when there is no road signs at a fork, he would say, "I think this is the road we should take," and most of the time, he is correct.

Taking wrong turns can have a surprising treat:

Our much deserved lunch stop was at a small town called Castle Dale. We pulled into the large parking lot of Stewart's Supermarket. When you are famished, everything taste excellent. We went to the deli. J.J. ordered a chicken lunch and I asked for fish which they cooked for me.

We came across a coal powered electrical plant.

Here is our healthy dinner in our RV home. First course salad and Rainier Cherries:

Main course - cheese and spinach ravioli:

View from our kitchen window:

Lake view from our backyard:

Honu settling in for the night

Aloha -- Cathi