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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Learning to Juggle

Aloha Everyone

Juggling, based on archaeological evidences, traces back to Egypt almost 2,000 BC. There are also evidences of existence of juggling a in other cultures such as China, Greece, Ireland and even in Pacific Islanders and Aztec Empire of Mexico.

The word juggle comes from the Middle English word ,"Joglen" which means to perform or entertain.

At last Saturday's dinner party, I was introduced to Joe who has a long list of professional and academic achievements plus being a master juggler. Joe told us that he first learned to juggle when visiting Torremolinos, Spain as a graduate students. Joe, as mentioned is an intellectual and a high achiever. He has not only became a master juggler but has taught over 10,000 people to-date on art of juggling.

Here are photos of me learning the basics-- how to drop 3 juggling balls -- from Joe.

My granddaughter and I now each have a starter set of juggling balls we ordered from Amazon. Both of us are eager to learn and get to the next step of how to catch the third ball rather than having them all fall.

Learning something new is very exciting as I am finding juggling to be an excellent physical and mental exercise. Once I have done more practice, I will write how juggling is beneficial to my over all health.

At this time, I am following Joe's instruction on practicing the basic for 10,000 times until my muscle will memorize the moves and my eye and mind will be able to coordinate the juggling patterns.

Aloha -- Cathi