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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Maple Canyon

Aloha Everyone,

Arthur and Rose are from Melbourne, Australia. They had purchased around-the-world airline tickets and were on the last leg of their 4 months long travel. J.J. and I met them at the High Country RV Park and enjoyed exchanging stories including hearing about their trip to Alaska and how expensive it was to transport their RV by ferry which took two days.

Our destination today was Maple Canyon by Moroni. From Nephi, we took the 132 to Fountain Green then took a one-lane paved road in the direction of a town called Freedom.

Joanna from the U.S. Forest Service, had prepared us to expect the last 3 miles to be "improved gravel" road. It was dusty driving and we didn't mind a little bumpy road.

Maple Canyon located at the Uinta National Forest near the town of Nephi was the first location J.J. chose to photograph.

This is an interesting place for geologists because of unusual rock cliffs dominated by cobblestones believed to be at the bottom of an ancient lake. It is also considered as a heaven for rock climbers as the canyon offers easy climbs for beginners to more advanced professional rock climbers.

Michelle, the campground host greeted us warmly and pointed us to right directions including where we might find rock-climbers and where we could lodge for the night.

Being Sunday, there were many rock-climbers in the canyon.

Some came for the day and others like Margarite (left) and her husband Rene from Lexington, KY were staying for a month. Audrey (right) and Drew, photographed below with Rene are all seasoned rock-climbers.

Drew (left) with Rene( right).

They know how to enjoy the great outdoor life-style.

Had a very peaceful night sleeping in a national forest.

This is our "pad".

Our backyard picnic table.

Fortunately, we had no bear encounter.

I am keeping this very short as J.J. and I will be returning to another national park camping site for our next photo shoot.

Aloha -- Cathi