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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From Las Vegas to Utah

Aloha Everyone,

Las Vegas is known for gambling, mega resorts, trade shows, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Tourism and gaming are the two top industries attracting between 4,000 to 8,000 people to relocate to this desert city each month. Las Vegas also boasts having more hotel rooms than any other resort city in the world. One can find ultra luxury accommodations in resorts such as Wynn, Four Seasons, Caesars Palace, and The Palazzo. But there are also budget, family-friendly casino/hotels that advertise $27.00 per room night (plus resort tax, etc). The name Las Vegas means "the meadows" in Spanish. Prior to 1829, the land was home to the Navajo and other American Indian tribes.

For some, Las Vegas is a vacation dreamland. People will come for a long weekend or even for an entire week to enjoy the lifestyle. J.J. and I prefer rivers, mountains, meadows, oceans and open sky. It actually makes me very uncomfortable seeing all the glitters of Las Vegas. Needless to say, the only "strip" we saw was from the front window of our RV as we passed some of the known resorts.

With 30 minutes of driving on I-15 North, we were enjoying the endless open land, infinite sky, boundless white clouds and feeling of being truly alive.

Our breakfast was at a small diner called "Muddy River Bar & Grill". When we got out of our RV home, I wasn't very hopeful of getting a decent breakfast, but the food turned out to be wholesome, American. My vegetarian Denver omelet was very large that I had to pack 1/2 for my dinner.

About 1/2 block from the diner on a dusty country road was a U.S. Post Office. I was carrying a letter to mail to my Mother so I dropped it off hoping that it would take less than the 10 days a letter took from Key West to her address in California.

Virgin River Canyon in Nevada en route to Utah was a little more brown and dry than our previous trip but still magnificent.

Tonight, we are back at a familiar RV Park enjoying partly cloudy 84 degrees weather. I will have to catch up with some of my work so by the time it gets cooler, I can practice my juggling.

Aloha -- Cathi