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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lakefront Water View Lot Rental For $3.50 a Night

Aloha Everyone,

We were treated to this magnificent, glorious sunrise.

I must share with you that our stay last night at Ferron was the best deal ever. The cost for one car is $7.00 which in our honest opinion is a steal. We then get 50% off with our Senior Pass. Where in the world could you find a lake front water view lot of approximately 10,000 sq ft of land for $3.50 per night rental?

Today was much more relaxing. After we were informed that a 4-wheel vehicle is required to go up to one of the campsites, J.J. and I decided to try to finish our assignment by focusing on the remaining locations.

Delays due to free range cattle crossing.

J.J. and I are becoming familiar with the Manti La Sal National Forest.

Beautiful multiple layered mountain ranges still impress us.

Camping ground of Manti Community.

Twin Lakes Camping ground, learner' loop is for ATVs.

Sky is threatening to rain as we left the camping ground.

Switch fork gravel road to and from Twin Lakes

Temple Hill in the city of Manti

Tonight we are back at our favorite RV park in Nephi enjoying the sunset.

Aloha -- Cathi