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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Warner Lake Campground

Aloha Everyone,

Warner Lake Campground is located at 9,200 ft elevation in the La Sal Mountains National Forest in Utah. This is the 3rd camping site we went to photograph. J.J. and I are grateful to Joanna and her list of assignments. We would probably not have braved the dusty, gravel and sometime treacherous mountain roads with no guard rails over sheer cliff. The drive reminded us of the roads we drove in Yugoslavia from Italy to Greece nearly 30 years ago.

What a joy to see the sign that we have arrived at our destination.

There are 20 camp sites inside a beautiful Aspen grove. We found about 1/3 of them were occupied.

Narrow footpaths led us to the Warner Lake where some people come for the day to relax and catch rainbow trouts.

Hanna (left) and Selena came from Moab for the day. Selena told us that they caught six rainbow trouts but if the fish is under size, they have to catch and release.

At least 3 different groups of campers told us that they saw a mother bear and a cub the day before. Their warning to us who have not yet seen any bears in the wild is to avoid eye contact with a mother bear if she has cubs. The best rule is to walk away headed for the opposite direction.

Happily, there were no incident with any bears this morning.

The meadow between the camping sites and the lake was full of colorful wild flowers.

We met another fisherman this morning but unfortunately his catch got away when he was talking to us. We quietly retreated to leave him to his fishing and to his solitude.

It really pains me to see people deface trees. Why they have a need to carve their names or initials is difficult for me to comprehend. They are probably the same individuals who deface monuments, walls and even elevators. My message to them is to "grow-up". There are so many things one can get involved in for self-expression.

Randy is a high school geography teacher and his wife, Susan teaches Special Ed in a kindergarten.They are from Goshen, Indiana and were on their month-long vacation in their RV home with their dog, Rex. To see a photo of Rex, please go  go to JJ s blog,

This morning it was 52 degrees F, a perfect weather to practice juggling before we decent from the mountain. My highest number so far is 42 without dropping -- but then who is keeping score.

Aloha -- Cathi