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Thursday, October 30, 2014

To Santa Fe via Roswell, New Mexico

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. and I usually use personal hot spot from my iPhone to access the internet when there's no Wifi available. This morning, when J.J. tried to use our personal hot spot, the signal suddenly changed from excellent to poor.  At the same time, a message appeared on our laptop offering an alternative --  the FBI_van WiFi. Brantley Lake State Park camping site is located about 7 miles off the main highway. It's an additional 10 miles to Carlsbad.  Therefore we thought it strange to have an FBI van roaming near a state park.

Brantley State Park was located on the other side of the dam.

7 miles off main highway.

10 miles to Carlsbad

Roswell is known for the Roswell UFO incident. In the summer of 1947, the military claims a US Air Force weather balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell. Others claimed it was an alien spaceship. Today Roswell is an ordinary city with an extraordinary claim. Here are a few examples I was able to capture.

Ordinary city:

With extraordinary claim...

This is our first time ever visiting Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico. The place has a very distinctive architectural style all its own. Low-slung, earth-colored buildings made of adobe bricks consisting of a mixture of sun-dried earth and straw dominate the scene. This melding of Native American with Spanish influence gave rise to the Pueblo style architecture.  

J.J. and I plan to return to Santa Fe during our next trip to Northern New Mexico. Tonight we are staying at an RV park just outside of the city. Our original plan to spend the night in the Hyde Memorial State Park had to be changed because the site was too primitive. We wanted to have electrical and water hook-ups plus a hot shower. 

The fruits tree is growing next to the office. They look like cherries. However no birds or bees are enjoying the fruits might mean that they are not edible.

Aloha -- Cathi