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Friday, October 17, 2014

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours

Aloha Everyone,

Only Mother Nature could create such a spectacular and spiritual place. Our journey to Lower Antelope Canyon was far better than the photographs we have seen. Carved out by years of water flows and winds that whistled through the subterranean canyons, the place fits the name Hasdestwazi or "spiritual rock arches."

Nina, our knowledgeable and attentive Navajo guide pointed out many shapes along the way which have names such as eagle, bear, jaguar, panda, monkey with a hat.

The one and a half hour walking tour gave us a chance to get to know Susan and Jim who were visiting from Texas.

Each sandstone chamber we were led through narrow, twisting passages revealed more amazing color, shapes and play on light.  My personal experience was spiritual and ethereal. I was doing meditation chants under my breath. It would be absolutely incredible to do sitting meditation in one of the chambers.

Italian camera crew were in one of the large chambers waiting for the right moment to take photos.

So here is me and myself portrait while the rest of our group moved on.

I am sure this sand cascades occur often and naturally as the passage way was full of sand. Nina, to illustrate and for photo opportunity, did a reenactment of the sand fall.

We were almost there. I heard some people complained of claustrophobia in the narrow canyon passages. The air flow was constant, the blue sky above was nearly always present and I reluctantly resurfaced.

If you are looking from even a one hundred yards away, you would not know that there is a whole beautiful
magical underground canyon.

Here is a member of our group surfacing.

Nina, our Navajo tour guide.

This is how we entered the canyon taking 3 flights of stairs.

Armando, another guide is showing us Navajo greeting while J.J. showed him Hawaiian Shaka.

Aloha -- Cathi