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Friday, October 10, 2014

Traversing Idaho on I-84 to Brigham City, UT

Aloha Everyone,

It's interesting how two blocks make a big difference on whether we have phone signal or not. J.J. and I left the Farewell Bend State Park before 8:00 AM an only to realize that J.J.'s phone had already switched to Mountain Time giving us one hour early start.

This is one of the prettiest sights when you are trying to get signals for your phone.

The area of Idaho we traversed today was mostly flat and the road traffic was light. So here is where I sat behind the steering wheel of Honu for the entire hour.  :)

Speed limit in Idaho as it is in Utah is 80 mph for vehicles and 70 mph for trucks. I followed a truck and put on the cruise control for 68 mph.

Our lunch stop was at the Perkins Restaurant in Bliss, Idaho.

Our last rest stop in Idaho before we saw the Welcome to Utah Life Elevated sign.

I spotted a tractor along the side of the highway. After I said to J.J., "A nice tractor  Did you see it?"  I immediately mused, "I must really be culturally deprived to see a tractor and think it is nice..."

We are very happy to be back in Brigham City at the familiar Golden Spike RV Park. Everything looks the same except the sides of the mountain range now wears a shade of pink.

Aloha -- Cathi