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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Glen Canyon Dam and Page, Arizona

Aloha Everyone

Glen Canyon Dam is the 4th highest dam in the United States. Construction began in 1956 to provide hydroelectricity and regulate the flow from the upper Colorado River Basin to the lower area. Lake Powell Reservoir was created as a result.

The bridge has pedestrian passages. Hoping to get more dramatic views, I walked half way on the bridge.

It's not easy to find "perfect" size parking space for Honu. Most passenger stalls are too short and too narrow.  On the other hand, stalls reserved for RV and bus tend to be too big.

Sam, the bus driver, was waiting for his passengers to return. Born in Cambodia, his parents brought him to San Francisco when Sam was only 3 years old. His job gives him a chance to travel to Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Page named after Reclamation Commissioner, John C. Page is land acquired in a trade with Navajo Nation. It began as a home for the hundreds of construction workers who built Glen Canyon Dam.

Today Page is a small town with population posted on the road sign as 1,169. The city claims to have 15 hotels. We shopped at Safeway and Walmart.  However what intrigued us is on Coppermine Road just outside of main street are about 9 churches  all within a long city block, almost next to each other along the same side of the street. I was able to take photos four of them.

Aloha -- Cathi