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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deschutes River State Park and Short Trip Into Washington

Aloha Everyone,

Deschutes River State Park is located about 15 miles east of The Dalles at confluence of Deschutes and Columbia River. This is another picturesque location among the state parks of Oregon and just an hour from the  previous night's location.

I think these pictures are worth a thousand words to describe the enchanting beauty of this place.

Here is a picture of J.J. registering for our stay.

Jessie is about 3 years old Border Collie rescued by Jeannine and Richard of Powell Butte, Oregon. She was very playful and wanted J.J. to scratch her tummy.

Actually our plan this morning was to cross the Columbia River from The Dalles and travel to Washington. Here we are approaching The Dalles Dam.

Washington here we come. About half way point of the bridge was the marker welcoming us to the new state with Honu.

The view of the Columbia River from Washington.

As the glacier-capped Mount Hood peeked out of the yellow meadow, J.J. and I decided to save Washington for another time and return to Oregon.

Crossing the Columbia River back to Oregon.

Jeannine and Richard mentioned that we have been having unusually warm days for this part of Oregon. When we told them that we had to use our AC for the first time in long time, they cautioned us that by next week, the weather will turn cold. At night, Jeannine added that the temperature is expected to drop below freezing point.

Perhaps we have to think of moving to more moderate weather. In the meantime, tonight Honu looks content.

Aloha -- Cathi