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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Covered Bridges, Waterfalls, and Detroit Lake

Aloha Everyone,

Lane County, Oregon has 20 covered bridges and 14 are still open to traffic. These wooden covered bridges are attractive, photogenic, durable and practical providing safe and secure method of crossing state's rivers. Goodpasture Bridge is along Route 126 just east of the town of Vida.

McKenzie River, originates in the High Cascade seem gentle and placid at times and mighty and powerful at another until it joins the Willanette River in Portland.

Belknap Bridge was the 2nd covered bridge we crossed today.


Here the McKenzie River showed a lots of whitecaps indicating rapid waters as it impatiently flowed down stream.

Sahalie Falls is an amazing , powerful waterfall of the McKenzie River in the Willamette National Forest. The fall crashes over the ancient lava cliffs and with mighty power and sound falls more than 100 feet.

I tried to capture the rainbows created by the fall.

In the Cascade Volcanic chain more than 3000 large and small volcanoes have erupted over 5 million years. Along Route 126 and elsewhere it is common to see the remnants of the ancient volcanic lava flows.

There is unsettled debates concerning forest fire fighting techniques. Whether it is better and more natural way to let the fire burn its course is still debatable. But for us it is disheartening to see mountains after mountains of charred trees.

A beautiful, perfect cone-shaped mountain is called Black Butte. J.J. and I hope to get closer so we can share more photos and its stories.

Our lunch stop was a little town of Sisters. The town's architectural motif follows that of an old frontier town.  However the entire place looked artificial and touristic.

We chose Takoda's Restaurant located off Main Street. Takoda in Sioux means " Friend to Everyone'.

Thanks to Karen at Mckenzie River Ranger Station, we found a perfect camping site at Detroit Lake State Campground for tonight.

Detroit Lake is a forest-ringed canyon reservoir in the Cascade Mountains.

Here is the view from Honu's living room.

Tonight we enjoyed the Anjou Pears we purchased from Rich who has a roadside fruit stand in Sisters.

Aloha -- Cathi