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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mount Hood Loop and Draper Girls Country Farm

Aloha Everyone,

With an 11,249 ft elevation, Mount Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon. To me there is some resemblance to the sacred Mount Fuji in Japan as both were created by volcanic eruptions and both appear to stand alone from the meadows with no other mountain ranges nearby. Thus when Mount Hood showed its full view, it was arresting and impressive.

Draper Girls Country Farm is located on Highway 35 along the Mount Hood Loop. When we saw about 50 cars parked on both sides of the street, it was a time for us to investigate.

Their main business as I understand is You-Pick seasonal fruits. However today we stumbled into their "2-Days Only Oktoberfest" with German foods and apple and grape cider honoring their parents who farmed the land.

The siblings, Theresa and Mark, now own and manage the business. Today there were so many visitors at the farm the atmosphere was a little bit like a very large family gathering.

Mark expertly prepared orders including our lunch of Bratwurst, German Potato Salad and roasted corn plus fresh apple-grape cider. J.J. stated, "Some days good taste over rides healthy choices."

As you can see I was enchanted by the farm. These photos are but only a small selection of what I photographed. Go to to read their story.

Here is another majestic view of Mount Hood.

The RV park we are staying is small - about 20 pads in all. Honu has an excellent spot under a tall Douglass-Fir tree where tanned colored squirrel about the size of a small cat with bushy tail climbs up and down.

A beautifully manicured lawn which belongs to the property next door is our view from the bedroom window.

Our private yard where I have been practicing yoga and juggling for the last 2 mornings.

Here is a map of the Mount Hood Scenic Loop we took today.

Aloha -- Cathi