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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To Page, Arizona

Aloha Everyone,

Brenda was just setting up her roadside store on US 98 to Page. The site she selected was beautiful with a mountain in the background and a butte on one side. J.J. and I guessed that Napha (her Navajo name) was there because it has a positive energy.

Navajo Generating Station is the largest coal-fired plant in the West. It  is located off U.S. Route 98 on the Navajo Tribal Lands. The plant provides electrical power to customers in Arizona, Nevada and California.

We passed through many scenic areas as we approached Page.

J.J. has a talent for finding good restaurants. His criteria for choosing one depends on words of mouth, the number of cars in the parking lot, or the number of people queuing to get inside the door. Today it was the smoke bellowing out of the smoke ovens of Big John's Texas Barbecue.

The pit master, Johnny, was very agreeable and posed for my photos.

The restaurant has an ample outdoor seating areas as well as indoor sitting.

A large bucketful of peanuts kept us busy while we waited for our lunch.

Patti, our waitress brought out our orders. She was concerned that if a small portion of pulled beef is enough for me. It was excellent but very heavy especially after our appetizer of peanuts. I packed a half of my meal for J.J.

Vickie at the Visitor Center in Page was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We have a stack of maps and brochures to review tonight so we could plan our next few days' activities.

Page Lake Powell Campground was recommended by Vickie.

You know you're back in Arizona when there are cacti instead of pine trees and Aspen forests.

Manuela (blond) and Seraina (brunette) are from Switzerland. The have just completed their courses and will be working as surgical nurses at a Swiss hospital.

Before starting their career, they are traveling for two months.They rented their car in Canada and drove down to San Diego on to Las Vegas. Now in their 2nd month of traveling, they are visiting some of the national parks.  Their big destination is Honolulu where girls will stay for a week.

The car they are driving is a small passenger van that has sleeping quarter perched on the roof. They invited me to climb the external ladder to take a look. When I asked them if it's comfortable to sleep there, their response was yes most of the time but it can get very cold.

We wished them safe travels and parted company.  Ah to be young and adventurous  reminded us of our Eurail and duffel bag days.

Aloha -- Cathi