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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Additional Photos From Our Friends

Aloha Everyone

This will be our 3rd and last installments of Christmas photos from our friends. The first two are from Jane and Jeff in Prescott, AZ. I am taking the liberty of reproducing a segment of message from Jane as she describes the photos and you can visualize the special celebration in her beautiful town.

"Here are a couple of pictures of the Prescott Courthouse Square. Each year they light up all the trees for Christmas and they have a program in early December on the courthouse steps. The high school choir does a performance, then the Christmas story is read from the Bible. interspersed with Christmas carols sung by everyone on the square. This year it was estimated over 8000 people attended the lighting ceremony. At the end of the reading of the Christmas story all the lights come on. It is very fun to go and very pretty to see."

Next is from our Professora Sandra who taught us Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador.

And finally from Pat with her garden goose wearing a winter coat.

J.J. and I truly count our blessings as we received so many beautiful photos from friends. Our sincere apologies if your photo was not included due to technical reasons -- some photos we received were a part of a montage or collage and were unable to isolate the specific photo we wanted to include.

Aloha -- Cathi