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Monday, December 7, 2015

Extreme Exercise with the yoga ball

Aloha Everyone,

Our granddaughter does an extreme exercise using her yoga ball. When I watch her, it appears to look easy. When she tried to teach me, I found out that it requires skill, energy, patience, positive attitude and self-confidence. Here is how-to-do the yoga ball exercise in her own words:

"I came up with this exercise when I received a yoga ball as my birthday present. I wanted to come up with a way to be able to travel around the house on a yoga ball without carrying it. This requires a combination of arms, legs and a yoga ball.

The way to do this exercise is you have to jump forward at the same time pushing the yoga ball beneath you. As you bounce, you must also concentrate spreading your legs out then bring them in. Your legs are opened when you jump forward. Then bring your legs together to your shoulder width afterwards. Repeat this as you travel across your house."

After jumping and pushing the yoga ball around for nearly 30 minutes, we were both perspiring and needed a cereal break. This exercise benefits your legs, feet, knees, thighs, stomach, buttocks as well as your fingers, hands and arms. It also helps with your cardio and respiratory system. However please be cautious as it is a vigorous exercise and should be approached carefully.

Aloha -- Cath