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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Taking Care Of Personal Business

Aloha Everyone,

While back in California, J.J. and I have two main personal business to take care of.

1) to complete the legal  requirements for our Last Wills & Testaments

2) to settle about our health insurance requirements

Wells Fargo Bank, in our opinion, is the best fit banking institution for us. They have branches in many of the US Mainland states we travel to. Their personnel is exceptional and very well trained. We are always greeted with appropriate salutations no matter how large or small the branch J.J. and I walk into.

Today we met the personal banker at Wells Fargo Costa Verde Center who reviewed our documents and gave us an introduction to see his colleague at the nearby University Town Centre.

J.J. and I were able to sign and have 90% of the documents notarized. The final section requires two witnesses who will be with us on Saturday.

Settling our health insurance requirements is much more complicated. Honu is registered in South Dakota. We drove to the Kaiser Hospital where our grand-daughter was born.

Trying to gather information from the admin office staff was very challenging. We left the hospital without receiving any clear guidance.  

At any rate, we are confident to be able to resolve our present predicament. 

A very long school day for our granddaughter with the jazz band practice followed by the Tang Soo Do practice. By the time we picked her up we were able to enjoy a perfect sunset.

Aloha -- Cathi