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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Egypt, A Country My Mother Wishes To Revisit

Aloha Everyone,

My sister and I acknowledge that our Mother belongs to the community. She attracts people like a magnet when appearing at functions of organizations where she chairs or is an active member. However she is also a very private person and rarely does she share her deep feelings with others.

Therefore just "hanging around" with my Mother and reconnecting with her inner person is incredibly precious and rewarding to me.

My Mother has traveled extensively through the USA, Canada, Central and South Americas, East and Southeast Asia, Western Europe as well as to Greece and Turkey. Around her spacious living room and dining rooms are souvenirs from her travels. But she likes to gaze her magnet collections and recall her various adventures.

When I asked her where would she like to go next, without a moment of hesitation, she said, "Egypt! I've been to all the places I want to see, but I would love to go back to Egypt. As soon as it is safe for Americans to travel (to Egypt), I am going back!"

To her strong conviction, J.J. and I concur that it would be our privilege to tag along.

Aloha -- Cathi